LM Grass

  • LM lawn is indigenous to this region. It is a soft broadish leaf grass with above surface runners. Its point is sharp, like Kikuyu, but the leaf is much broader. It grows and spreads quickly (when cared for) and is very versatile as it grows in areas of full Lowveld sun through areas that have light shade as well as fairly heavily shaded spots. It grows all year but does slow down in the cooler winter months. It can handle light frost but will struggle when frost is heavy and consistent. If one does live in areas where frost is heavy, planting lots of shrubs and low growing trees will retain some heat and assist the LM grass.

    As it has above surface roots, mowing should be done so as not to damage the roots, hence set the mowers higher so that only the leafy part of the grass is cut. LM does not particularly enjoy heavy topdressing. If one wants to feed the lawn do so with a compost that can be raked into the lawn or apply a granular fertilizer.

    LM is not very good with lots of ware and tare as it is a soft grass. Not ideal for consistent garden ball games. When establishing the lawn watering daily is essential for about 10 -14 days. There after twice to three times a week depending on the temperatures. Very hot means more water.

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