LM Grass

  • LM lawn is indigenous to this region. It is a soft broadish leaf grass with above surface runners. Its point is sharp, like Kikuyu, but the leaf is much broader. It grows and spreads quickly (when cared for) and is very versatile as it grows in areas of full Lowveld sun through areas that have light shade as well as fairly heavily shaded spots.

Kikuyu Grass

  • Kikuyu lawn is know as the Highveld grass. It is a very tough, fast growing grass and makes a beautiful lawn if properly cared for. It has thin leaves with a sharp point and when seeding it sometimes appears as if cotton wool is lying on the lawn.

Buffalo Grass

  • Buffalo lawn is indigenous to our coastal areas. It is a very tough broad leaf grass, but is fairly course. It has fairly broad leaves with a distinct rounded point. It is a very fast growing grass in hot climate and can also tolerate some shade. If the shade goes beyond about 30-40 % then buffalo struggles.

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