We are currently experiencing the effects of the drought. 

Grass sales are only possible if and when it has rained. 

(Or until our irrigation dam is refilled)

Please contact the office before  coming out to the farm for grass.


Welcome to Grassit - Instant Lawn Providers in Nelspruit, Lowveld area. We are Nelspruit's Premier instant lawn supplier at discounted rates. Call us today for a free quote on instant lawn. We DELIVER!  

We strive for service excellence so, in order to provide you with the best service we can, we urge you to call ahead before coming to see us. This will avoid any unnecessary delays at collection. Our office hours are standard 07h30 to 16h30 throughout the year.  

All about Grass



LM lawn is the most popular grass here in the lowveld because it grows in both the shade as well as in full sun. LM lawn also withstands quite heavy frost. In the towns like Lydenburg and Sabie, LM does well, especially if the garden has trees and shrubs, which give some protection against the frost. LM lawn does not handle "wear and tear" very well. Ie driveways or sports fields LM requires smaller amounts of water more frequently. ie two to three times a week in the evenings after work. LM lawn does not like to be heavily top dressed.



Kikuyu is what we all refer to as the "Highveld Grass" because it does well in severe winter conditions. Unfortunately, Kikuyu does not grow well in shady areas. It is a hardy grass and handles "wear and tear" much better. It requires less frequent watering but enjoys a good drenching when being watered. Kikuyu can be top dressed in the late winter early Spring.



The more you mow your lawn the thicker it will become and the plusher it will look. The more water the lawn is exposed to, the more fertilizer/compost/nutrient/food the grass has to be given. Generally, a good application of fertilizer in early spring and then again towards the end of January will suffice the average garden.

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